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This piece is brilliant! It is very well-drawn, there is a good use of color, the design looks amazing. There is a lot of attention to ...

This is piece is brilliant. I'm not going to lie, I've had a soft spot for Samus since I discovered her in Brawl, and I do enjoy seeing...

These gems look absolutely fantastic! The colors are beautiful, the designs are stunning, and the creativity, time, effort that went in...

She looks amazing! Great work on the shading, incredible job on the color pallet. The design is extremely unique, and an absolute treat...

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Neoverse Revolution Part 1
"Zara, get down here," her father cried as he looked over a long platinum staff that contained a dark blue stone and a platinum crown with a light blue diamond in the center of the front. Her father was a tall elf, with a flowing white beard that nearly touched the floor, a mustache that matched the beard, blue eyes and pierced pointed ears. He wore a lime green robe that drags a bit behind him and it has the family emblem engraved in gold on the center. On his head, a intricate crown rests upon it, with various small light blue gems entangled in it. Footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs, getting progressively louder. Soon Zara is at the bottom of the stairs. Her lengthy purple hair in braid, being held together by a silver hair clip with an amethyst embedded in the middle of it. She had baby blue eyes similar to her father's, as well as pointed pieced ears. She wore a light-weight pink armor with her family emblem on it, a silver tiara with a green stone in the center, and a b
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Gecko :iconchemlord:Chemlord 7 3 Tanzanite :iconchemlord:Chemlord 3 4
A Similar Burden
The smell of freshly cooked, well done, heart shaped steak drifted through the air as it is placed in front of Bloodstone, who has been asleep on the couch since she got back from the gem hunt the night before. Iolite's soft hand then graces Bloodstone's cheek as she then kissed the sleeping gem's cheek. Bloodstone's one good eye open slowly to the site of her ever refreshing girlfriend.
"Good morning sunshine," Iolite greeted her partner with a warm loving smile. "Happy Valentine's Day. I made you some steak, well done, just the way you like it."
"Aw, babe," Bloodstone gushed as blush started to form on her face. "You know you didn't have to do anything for me. Being with you is enough." 
"But I wanted to," Iolite replied sweetly. "And I love your beautiful smile."
"Get over here my cute wittle I-pie!" Bloodstone happily exclaimed as she lifts Iolite off her feet, and begins kissing her cheeks. 
"Get a room!" Diorite shouted from the kitchen. 
Bloodstone and Iolite just
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Celeine is a woman that is little more than a husk for the ghosts of her deceased friends. She speaks in monotone whenever she is in control. Her eyes will change color depending on which spirit is in control of her at that given time. When she is possessed she gains the power of whoever is using her.
Sonya is an adventurer that traveled through many different terrains. She is highly trained in combat and has fought off many types of beasts. She is very upbeat and social. However, if anyone asks about or tries to touch her locked chest she will become extremely aggressive, closed off and territorial. No one knows what's in it. Some suspect that maybe where she stores the treasure from her travels. Others say she is a serial killer and the chest is where she keeps the remains of her victims.
Name: ???

Nickname: X-47

Age: 69

Species: Artificial intelligence

Weapons: Gun, energy blaster, grappling hook, taser, flamethrower

Abilities: Flight, can scan enemies for information

Personality: distant, focused, a bit bossy, tends to seem insensitive, intelligent, strategic

Likes: Getting stuff done, being in charge, rap music

Dislikes: Her teammates getting distracted, not understanding emotions, being vulnerable

Backstory: X-47 was a robot created by an old dwarf that had no family. The dwarf desired to raise a child but was unable to have any, which is why he built X-47. While she did bring him joy and she was advanced for her time, she still didn't act fully human, and the dwarf always felt like something was missing. Not long before the downfall of the elf kingdom, he met the woman of his dreams or so he thought. The woman was killing him with by kissing him because whenever she did, a cyanide like substance would enter his bloodstream. When X-47 tried to warn him, he didn't believe her. Not only that, but the woman then broke X-47 once they were alone and took any parts she saw as valuable. She was found and repaired by Carver and Tera and fights alongside them
Name: Carver

Age: 2,120

Species: Gargoyle

Weapons: Warhammer and a small wooden stake he keeps in his satchel

Powers: Resistant to lava, flight, super strength

Abilities: Can build/repair weapons armor etc., knows how to avoid being detected by security

Personality: Mellow, hardworking, secretive, quiet, smart, has difficulty trusting others

Likes: Building, soda, stars and meteor showers

Dislikes: vampires, garlic, the sun

Backstory: Carver was the middle child out of five raised two loving parents and his siblings that cared for him greatly. He worked with his father and brothers as a blacksmith. He feel in love with a beautiful loving female gargoyle and was soon planning to propose. However, before he could vampires started infesting the gargoyle controlled territories and once the gargoyles became petrified when stepping into the sunlight orcs were sent to smash them. Once vampires became a dominant power, they passed a law to kill all gargoyles. Carver's friends, family and his beloved all were smashed in the massacre. He has had to live in hiding for survival. He turned Zara into a cyborg in order to keep her alive and protected her while she was out. Once she gave him a lunar stone to keep him from turning to stone in sunlight, he agreed to go with her on her quest
Name: Zara

Age: 1,230

Species: Cyborg Elf

Weapon: Sword

Talents/Skills: Breaking up fights, coming up with plans, finding her opponent's weakness, sword fighting

Personality: Confident, hardworking, impulsive, naive, kind

Likes: Sword, fruit, gems

Dislikes: Demons, people touching her stuff, innocents in pain

Backstory: Zara was an only child raised by a loving mother and father. She'd often go beast hunting with her mother and bake with her father. When she was a young adult, her mother passed away in her sleep. Zara had trained hard to become the new leader of the kingdom. On the night of her coronation, a massive army of vampires, orcs and demons stormed the kingdom and killed almost everyone in it. Zara would have died, if she wasn't taken in and repaired by gargoyle named Carver. Now she's fighting for her kingdom back and restore things back to their former glory
EMERGENCYI literally have no money, no phone, no food.
Please ether donate money or spread the link bellow.


United States


Commissions for anyone whose interested…

I don't draw fetish art, gore, porn, or hate art. If you want a commission please send the points to donations
10 Point Commissions
Nothing NSFW
My specialties are pokemon, Undertale monsters, and gems


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I forgot to tell you about an AU I made about Cat way back around when I first made him. in this universe, Cat was kidnapped by an evil zookeeper who collects mythical creatures. Cat was kept in a moist chamber to prevent use of his powers. eventually, after years like this, he lost the ability to control his fire, turn into a demon, and fully become a cat. all he has is some shorts and a cat tail. what's worse is that his mind has been so broken he forget his former self and mentally became an animal, terrified of most humans because of this zookeeper. he was one day freed by two children (one could be Vei) and he befriends them, and protects them as they are orphans.
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