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This piece is brilliant! It is very well-drawn, there is a good use of color, the design looks amazing. There is a lot of attention to ...

This is piece is brilliant. I'm not going to lie, I've had a soft spot for Samus since I discovered her in Brawl, and I do enjoy seeing...

These gems look absolutely fantastic! The colors are beautiful, the designs are stunning, and the creativity, time, effort that went in...

She looks amazing! Great work on the shading, incredible job on the color pallet. The design is extremely unique, and an absolute treat...

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Queen Skylar
Name: Skylar Longtail

Age: 2,415

Species: Physic dragon

Powers: Telekinesis, telepathy, poisonous skin (not poisonous when using telekinesis)

Personality: mellow, quiet, gentle, pessimistic, reasonable

Likes: Spiders, snakes, ravens, bats, cookies, chocolate, being useful to King Fuego and Queen Hiela, horror

Dislikes: lights that are really bright, vampires, her father, others being overly optimistic, others forcing their beliefs on her

Backstory: When Skylar first hatched her father was at war and her mother was ill. Skylar was named after a human friend of her mother that died a few years prior. Skylar's mother when seeing that her daughter had magenta eyes was immediately panicked because it was said that the most successful and merciless dragon hunter would come back in the body of a dragon with those color eyes, which no one has had until Skylar was born. However her mother did not wish to kill her daughter so instead she wrapped a cloth around Sky's eyes and told everyone that she was blind. The mother died when Skylar was still relatively young. When her father returned, he was unaware of what the situation was with Sky and removed the cloth over her eyes. He became horrified and fled the kingdom as well as all the servants and many of the citizens. Sky spent quite a few years alone in the castle. She befriended the "pests" that we're in her castle such as the bats, spiders and snakes, seeing how many of them weren't a threat but were treated as such just like her. She later befriended Alistair and his companions. She also enjoyed being around his parents since they treated her like one of their own. She does whatever she can to please them, and hopes to be adopted by them one day
Queen Hiela
Name: Hiela Sharpclaw

Age: 5,900

Species: Ice dragon

Powers: control over ice/ice breath, can breath underwater, resistance to temperatures far below 0 degrees

Personality: (before Alistair's disappearance) loving, shy, quiet, optimistic, generous (after his disappearance) quiet, distant, depressed

Likes: Fuego

Dislikes: being told to move on, violence, being around large groups, talking to anyone other than her husband servants or hersel

Backstory: Hiela was always super nervous, especially around people. She never wanted to come across as a bad leader, weird, or stupid. She just did as she was told never questioning it. That was until she found and saved Fuego, who was able to get her to loosen up. They fell in love and later had a son. After Alistair went missing she searched the entire planet for him, with no success. He was later assumed dead and Hiela was consumed with grief. She no longer could find joy in anything. She no longer cares. In her eyes no matter what she does or what happens nothing will bring her son back so what's the point. She believes she is responsible for his death and deserves to suffer for it. She spends her days mourning his loss at places he used to love going to
King Fuego
Name: King Fuego Sharpclaw

Age: 6,500

Species: Fire dragon

Powers: Fire breath, flight, resistance to lava

Personality: (before Alistair went missing) cheerful, impulsive, prideful, prankster, expressive, stubborn; (currently) malicious, vengeful, closed off, ill-tempered

Likes: Hiela

Dislikes: his subjects disobeying him, humans, others trying to take his power away, being told how to rule his kingdom, people posing as his son in an attempt to steal the throne

Backstory: Fuego was raised from a very young age to not accept any assistance from others. That it would make him weak and foolish. He took this advice to heart and did everything he possibly could on his own. This mentality nearly caused his end. He was attempting to retrieve some materials that were stolen from his kingdom. The thief took the items to the frozen tundra that was the island's ice kingdom. The perpetual storm was too much for him and he was soon unable to go further. He believed it was his final hours. He closed his eyes for what he believed would be the last time and awoke in the inside of the ice castle. An elegant white and blue dragon returned him his possessions and allowed him to stay there until he recovered. He soon found himself falling in love with her, marrying her and having a child with her. He was a very likable guy, never being too serious but knew when to put the jokes aside and get work done. There were times where he would let his temper get the better of him, but Hiela and Alistair would usually get him to lessen it when that did occur. However this all changed when Alistair went missing and was believed to be dead. Fuego believed the humans on the island murdered his son, and he wanted vengeance. He became incredibly unforgiving cutting off their connections with humans,waging war on that island and conquering it, stealing back any materials they traded with humans in the past, murdering anyone that he believed was defying him or planning a takeover, and imprisoning any that questioned his authority too much, while Hiela was too consumed in her depression to stop him. Despite all his rage he still deeply loves his wife. He could never bring himself to kill another in front of her. He does what he can to comfort her and has his guards protect her whenever she leaves the castle to mourn for Alistair.
Name: Alistair

Age: around 2,500

Species: Dragon (formerly), Human (currently)

Powers: (dragon form) fire breath, control over ice, resistance to lava, resistance to blizzards/ temperatures far below 0, flight, and is able breathe underwater; (human form) none

Weapon: Whatever's around

Personality: naive to human culture, charismatic, impulsive, easily gets lost in his own thoughts

Likes: Sports, fish, flying

Dislikes: witches, people not believing and/or not listening to him, being human

Backstory: Alistair was a hybrid dragon of his father King Fuego and his mother Queen Hiela. He was able to breath fire like his father. Like his mother he was able to breath underwater and control ice. He lived on the Island of Dragons, which was had multiple kingdoms, each divided by type. Since Alistair was a hybrid of two different monarchs, he will rule over both the ice and fire kingdom when he was going to become king.He had a fair number of friends and overall had a very good life. That was until one day when he went to one of the neighboring islands to collect some materials and met up with some of the figures in power to arrange future trade, transportation and other such matters. Not long before he landed on the neighboring island he encountered an old woman in a long black robe. She asked him help her carry a basket back to her cottage, which he did so rather quickly. Once they were back the woman held out her hand for him to shake as a sign of respect. However when he held her hand he felt a sharp pain in the center of his claw and blood started oozing out. He soon passed out the last thing he sees being the old woman laughing maniacally over her success. When he regained consciousness he was surprised to his front legs seemed off. Instead of being his usual light blue and white scales and his claws he was surprised to find he had what appeared to be human arms and hands. He crawled over to a puddle and was shocked as he discovered he had become human. He began splashing himself with the water from the puddle hoping that he was just having a nightmare, but unfortunately for him that wasn't the case. He began searching the island for something that could change him back to no avail. However he did encounter some peasants that gave him some clothing so he embarrass himself walking around the island naked since he was not wearing any when he was turned human. He attempted to fly off the island, thinking that his powers might have stayed with him in this form, but he was wrong. He tried to swim back to his home, but he no longer was able breath underwater and the distance was too far for a human. He did manage to find a boat and sail himself there. He arrived on the port of his kingdom within nine months. When he made it to the castle and saw his parents again he immediately started crying tears of joy. He attempted to explain to them, they didn't believe him due to many others claiming the same thing while he was gone and he was presumed dead at that point. He now searches for a cure so that he may return to his homeland and reunite with loved ones.
This is a genderbend of Rudolph Melenzo, a.k.a Rudy

Rudy belongs to AaronBrawnstone

This drawing belongs to me
EMERGENCYI literally have no money, no phone, no food.
Please ether donate money or spread the link bellow.


United States


Commissions for anyone whose interested…

I don't draw fetish art, gore, porn, or hate art. If you want a commission please send the points to donations
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Nothing NSFW
My specialties are pokemon, Undertale monsters, and gems


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